DokuWiki CheatSheet


Text formatting

Bold: **bold**
Italic: //italic//
Underlined: __underlined__
Monospaced: ''monospaced''
Subscript <sub>subscript</sub>
Superscript <sup>superscript</sup>
Deleted: <del>deleted</del>
Forced new line: \\

External links

DokuWiki recognized external URLs automatically.
Link w/name: [[|Go to Google]]
Email address: <>
RSS feed: {{rss>}}

Internal links

DokuWiki page: [[pagename]]
DokuWiki page w/name: [[pagename|Page name]]
DokuWiki page in the specified namespace: [[wiki:pagename]]
Link to the specified section: [[page#section|Section]]
Interwiki link: [[doku>wiki:interwiki|Interwiki]]
Link to a page on Wikipedia: [[wp>pagename]]
Link to a Google search: [[google>pagename]]
Link to a page on Meatball: [[Meatball>pagename]]
Image link: [[|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]]
Windows share: [[\\server\share|Windows share]]


Add footnotes by using double parentheses ((This is a footnote)).


====== Level 1 Headline ======
===== Level 2 Headline =====
==== Level 3 Headline ====
=== Level 4 Headline ===
== Level 5 Headline ==
DokuWiki automatically generates a table of contents when the page
contains more than three headlines. To disable the table of contents,
insert the ~~NOTOC~~ markup somewhere in the page.


Original size: {{wiki:image.png}}
Resized to the specified width: {{wiki:image .png?50}}
Resized to the specified width and height: {{wiki:image.png?200x50}}
Resized external image: {{http://url/image.png?200x50}}
Aligned left: {{ wiki:image.png}}
Aligned right: {{wiki:image.png }}
Centered: {{ wiki:image.png }}
Caption: {{ wiki:image.png|Caption goes here}}

Unordered lists

To create an unordered list, indent your text by two spaces and use the
* character for each list item.
  * Level 1 list item
    * Level 2 list item
  * Level 1 list item

Numbered lists

To create a numbered list, indent your text by two spaces and use the -
character for each list item.
  - Level 1 list item
    - Level 2 list item
  - Level 1 list item


> Quote 1
>> Quote 2
>>> Quote 3


^ Heading 1 ^ Heading 2 ^
| Row 1 Col 1 | Row 1 Col 2 |
| Colspan ||
| Row 3 Col 1 | Row 2 Col 2 |
| ^ Heading 1 ^ Heading 2 ^
^ Heading 3 | Row 1 Col 2 | Row 1 Col 3 |
^ Heading 4 | Row 2 Col 2 | Row 2 Col 3 |
^ Heading 5 | Row 2 Col 2 | Row 2 Col 3 |

Non-parsed blocks

To include a non-parsed block into a page, indent it by at least two
spaces or use the code or file tags.
Syntax highlighting
DokuWiki supports code highlighting. It uses the GeSHi Generic Syntax
Highlighter (, and recognizes any
language supported by GeSHi. The code must be includes between tags
that identify the programming language, for example: <code oobas>
< /code> or <code java> < /code>.
Embedding HTML and PHP
If the HTML/PHP embedding is enabled, you can include HTML and
PHP code into DokuWiki pages:
<html><font color="red" size="+1">Lorem ipsum</font> </html>

Page export

Single page can be exported to different formats by adding an
appropriate do parameter to the URL:
The following export options are available:
export_raw (returns the pages source as text/plain )
export_xhtml (returns the rendered page as simple XHTML without
any navigational elements)
export_xhtmlbody (returns the rendered XHTML of the page only)

Configuration files

conf/dokuwiki.php DokuWiki default settings
conf/local.php DokuWiki user-defined settings
conf/entities.conf Custom typography conversion rules

Keyboard shortcuts

On Mac, use Ctrl instead of Alt. In Firefox, use Alt+Shift
Alt+E Open the current page in edit mode
Alt+V Open the current page in view mode
Alt+O Show old revisions of the current page
Alt+R Show recent changes
Alt+F Set the cursor to the search field
Alt+H Open the start page
Alt+X Open the index page

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