Wire Wish List

:!: = new entries

Privacy and Security

  • Privacy issue: Android by default shares contacts when an new identity is added this has to opt in
  • Option to disable calls
  • Block unknown
  • Opt-in for group chats
  • Setting for read receipts

Usability and Features

  • :!: Add Jabber like presence status for desktop clients.
  • :!: Allow to add bots in app instead of only via web client.
  • Full IPv6 Support
  • HW echo cancellation
  • Selectable media size (uncompressed option)
  • Allow to search in the contact list for contacts
  • Integrate with Android contacts
    • Allow to send message from contact
    • Allow to call from contact
  • Make „everything“ configurable e.g:
    • Contract list background image, even allow to set ist to just a color or gradient
    • Editable contact names
    • Contact images
    • Contact notifications / ringtones
    • Contacts allowed channels: text, voice, video
    • Text size
  • Threema like trust system with QR code scanning
  • Better contact status in contact list:
    • Number of unread messages, missed calls for IOS
    • Trust state (see Threema)
  • Tasker integration to act on messages and send messages
  • Replace Pushover securely:
    • API for sending messages from applications e.g. Nagios
    • Widget displaying messages of selected contacts
    • Message priorities (at least 3 levels) to:
      • Implement message priorities
      • Allwo different notifications and sounds by priority
  • Integrate with ConnectionServices
  • Contact groups for e.g. grouping contacts by company for *just* organizing contacts (not chat groups)
    • Allow to add contact to more then one group
    • Allow to show contact also stand alone and in groups or only in groups
    • Allow to collapse and expand groups to hide ans show contacts (tree like)
  • Screen sharing while chatting without the need of a video call (with remote control Wire may get a Teamviewer killer)
  • Screen sharing on mobile platforms
  • Priority / pinned chats above and normal chats below. @RezaTorabi73



  • Integrate with CallKit


  • Number of unread messages, missed calls (Android/Web/Desktop)
  • Desktop client: Add emoji aliases like :-) :) :-( :( :D :p etc. (veterans are used to this :-)


  • More than one account per device (business / private / other)
  • Debian / Ubuntu Package Repository


  • @W00fer on Twitter (T1, T2)
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